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8I’m Pera. I’ve been a rapper and a writer since 16, and a bank manager since I was 26. My selfish need to write things down is 10% of why this dad blog exists. It’s called Being her Dad because that’s what it’s about. Obviously.

That’s my daughter HuhanaF25A0197
A bit over a year ago I started being her dad.  She’s half the  reason I forked out the  $11 for this URL. I want to keep  a record of all the cute and ridiculous things she gets up to over the next few years  so I can show her in 12 years when Instagram gets sold to a digital camera company and Facebook goes bust.

IMG_3879< This is my wife Danielle.

Co-parent number one and general awesome contributor to life and society. A couple of months ago I started being her husband. Her and the other new parents like us are the other half of what this blog is for. I’ll talk about the stuff we learn (or fail to learn) as we go through it. You might not learn anything from our mistakes, but you can laugh at/with us as we stumble down the teddy bear strewn hallway of first-time-parenthood. And yes if you did the math then the reasons I started this blog do indeed add up to 110%. Cool huh.

And this is my mum> 984142_10154304667155612_5638535832806206117_n

Super strong, smart, creative and inspiring. I’m she would rather I just kept a better journal than a dad blog. But she’s also my source of truth when it comes to parenting, so when we get into the real stuff I’ll be asking her.


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