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The Man That Writes the Dreams – sample for designers

First few chapters of The Man that Writes the Dreams.   1. The Old Man   Most people don’t know he exists. Nobody that’s seen him remembers. But I know what he looks like, and I’ll let you know you if… Continue Reading →

Letter to daughter – stop worrying

Dear H, I just found this half written letter on my computer from a few months back. I guess that doesn’t matter though since it will probably be at least 10 years old by the time you read it. ……………….. Continue Reading →

Confidence, Ego, and Goals.

Dear H, This week I finished up the school drop offs for Wellington Shoebox Christmas 2016, this is the part where I share pictures, stories, and thank you smiles from the awesome little kids that the project has delivered Christmas presents… Continue Reading →

Letter to daughter – making a difference

Dear H, When I started writing this letter you were lucky enough to be on holiday with me, your mum, your grandparents and your bigger cousins. As I was finishing it you and three of those cousins were a couple of lego… Continue Reading →

Letters to daughter – 5 lessons a car crash and death taught me about life & happiness PART 3 – Smiles & doing your life justice

Dear H, This is the last part of my letters to you on what a car accident and death taught me about life and happiness. I tried to cover the 5 most important things I learnt after my car accident… Continue Reading →

Letters to Daughter – what a car crash and death taught me about life & happiness – PART 2: Perspective.

Dear H, Firstly, if you haven’t already then please read part 1 of this letter here so you know where these lessons came from and why I wrote them. This is also where I put the first and most important lesson I… Continue Reading →

Letters to daughter – 5 lessons a car crash and death taught me about life & happiness PART 1

Dear H, This one is pretty personal and there’s quite a lot packed into these paragraphs, so I’ll split the 5 lessons up, but take your time reading them. I decided to write these instead of sitting down with you when… Continue Reading →

Letters to daughter: While you were away – baby holiday

When you’ve walked a zillion steps, carried lots of kohatu, discovered patches of sand to rub between your fingers, been bemused by Kaka, spotted Robin, laughed at the Koromiko having a bath, watched your cousins making houses for crabs, tried… Continue Reading →

Letters to daughter: Learning to talk – 18 months

Dear H, You’re 18 months old and pretty much mimicking anything we say, which is stupidly cute – but obviously means me and your mum need to make sure we’re not saying anything we don’t want you repeating on loop at… Continue Reading →

Building child resilience and mental health

I started writing this about four weeks ago on my way home from seeing my little cousin for the last time. She was 21 years old when she hung herself because she just couldn’t get things to feel right inside. I almost… Continue Reading →

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